Srinivasa Ramanujan (22 Dec 1887 – 26 Apr 1920) was the ‘Man who Knew Infinity’. His short but highly inspirational life still mesmerises many of the top minds today. His presence is felt throughout universities around the world as we humbly attempt to understand and demystify his monumental efforts in the field of Number Theory.

To commemorate his life and work, we’ve been working on a very exciting project that we’ll be announcing shortly!


1.Change is Hard ft. Taylor Swift, Nelson Mandela & Simba

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As promised, here’s the first video!

I started this project as I really wanted to help students understand Mathematics and bring life to the subject! (And maybe overwrite any traumatic experiences from Maths class!)

I would love to hear your feedback on the video: all advice is invaluable so I can continually improve the videos and hopefully reach as wide an audience as possible! (You can reach out to me here or send an email to

The next video will be a story of great leaps and equally great losses. We’ll be meeting a Mathematician (whose theorem you all know) who murdered a man to cover up the truth…

I hope you enjoy it!